Wednesday, April 17, 2013

befell fundy: Lingerie For Beginners - Shopping and Product Reviews

If you?re new to the game, just got married or planning your honeymoon, you are going to need some sexy lingerie! Ladies, color matters! Different colors make different statements and these days, while our underwear is almost as important to us as our outerwear, we don?t want to send the wrong messages!

Basic black. Now here is a color you absolutely can?t go wrong with. Not only does the opposite sex find black very sexy, but women tend to feel very confident in basic black. Think about it, black is slimming when it comes to outer-garments, hence the little black dress. So, why not under-garments? A girl can even make a slimming black body hugging piece meant to tuck you all in, look fabulous just by adding a couple garters, a set of thigh high stockings and a pair of black stilettos.?

Another angle to consider about the beauty of basic black lingerie is that it also lets a man know that he can be himself with you. It tells him that you are a free-spirited sexual woman. A man knows he can feel comfortable with you. He can feel free of restrictions and limitations because he knows you are unafraid to experiment a little. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman he feels he can find equality with in the bedroom.?

At the same time, on the opposite side of the color spectrum, you want to try to avoid white. White screams virginal, it also takes an extremely self confident woman to pull it off. Don?t try it, especially if you are not built like your everyday, average supermodel! Women like that just don?t exist in the real world! Unless you?re buying bridal lingerie, leave it alone. There?s not that many of us left who are actually innocent!

A woman?s lingerie should show her individuality as a female. Remember a woman?s underwear doesn?t always have to match her outerwear! Our underwear should reflect our mood, whether we are feeling a little on the playful side or sickeningly serious today. Our lingerie should also make a man think. We all want to keep a man guessing and do our best not to appear predictable. When buying lingerie for the first few times, stick to the basics. Look for lace or perhaps satin, both of these materials are very attractive to men; they love the look and feel of the fabric. Remember that specific colors say things about your mood and your personality so choose wisely! We already discussed the ups and downs of black and white, but; what about other colors? What do they mean?

Women on the prowl choose red lingerie, for it tells a man that this woman must be a real tiger, while yellow means she is in dire need of a little conversation. Soft pastels such as pinks and lavenders showcase a woman?s passionate side. What type of women go for green lingerie? You guessed it, women with green eyes! I?m not so sure her eye color is the only reason for going green. Could it be that this woman is making a particular statement of financial security? In other words, ?hey buddy, I appreciate the good time we are having, but; I don?t need your money?, kind of thing!


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