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Search Engine Optimization and Business Goals ? Hot Article Depot

Setting up your website so that it ranks well in the search engines is popularly referred to as search engine optimization. It?s a different form of marketing than traditional marketing but there is one similarity regarding the competition. You are competing, sometimes fiercely, for the most important space in your business categories. What is that space worth? How much that space is worth can depend on your market, your market share, the actual number of searches for that term every month, as well as the click through rates for your keywords.

Dinosaur Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

For someone who has very little knowledge of search engine marketing, they may not be aware of the ROI, the ability to measure each and every interaction with a potential customer, and the lower customer acquisition costs involved. Furthermore, they may not have a true grasp of the significant difference between a potential customer in the traditional marketing space versus one in the search engine marketing space.

Interruption marketing is how we describe traditional forms of marketing. You sit down and watch a television show and a commercial comes on. You didn?t actively turn to this commercial. In fact, in most cases, you are focused on the return of your program of choice. You might be amused by the commercial, but you could easily be annoyed. Traditional marketing is like throwing out a big net into the ocean. You may catch a lot of fish, but you might not catch any. And you only have 30 seconds to do it in the case of tv ad buys. And when the opportunity arises to make a purchase in their product category, those advertisers are hoping that their interruption ad resonates and causes you to select their product out of the many that are available.

When someone logs onto their computer and goes to google and enters a search term on your product or service, they are a very different potential customer when you compare them to the person who was watching tv. These potential clients may even have their credit in hand at their computer or smartphone and are all set to make a purchase. Regardless, they are a much better prospect for you and your business. When they enter your site, through your keyword search term, you can track their behaviour and determine what they viewed on your page, how long they spent there, whether or not they took the action you asked them to take on that page.

Proper Keyword Research is Vital

Effective keyword research is the most vital part of search engine optimization. You could end up doing tons of work and not really achieving anything meaningful if you have chosen poorly. You may be showing up number one for ?fitness freaks who eat french food? but if this search term is never actually searched, then what is the point. Doing the proper keyword research takes time, patience, and understanding of where you want to focus your efforts. It also takes a keen eye to step back and have a birds-eye perspective of your overall strategy and how to implement and execute that strategy.

Where should you emphasize your focus on your keywords? Tackling the most competitive terms could yield long term results, but without the experience to refer to, you may be flying in the dark for a very long time. In other words, you won?t really have any data to give you feedback on whether your efforts are paying off or not.

Be sure to add some less competitive terms to your search campaign if you are new to this. That way, you can get some feedback and data that will give you the confidence you need to move forward and the insight to make changes when adjustments are needed. That is the risk you take when you have not managed hundreds of campaigns or seen movement, both positive and negative, on thousands of keywords. Gaining the proper perspective to evaluate what is working and what needs changing can be costly if you have not run a large volume search marketing campaigns in the past.

Naturally, this is one of the factors that leads business owners to seek out marketing agencies to manage their campaigns.

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