Friday, September 14, 2012

Drive Me: Lyft Just Might Have The Customer Experience Advantage Over Uber

164137359_ac9c4964d0_zI'm not a fan of pitting two or more companies against one another and calling "war," but the reality is that there's such a thing as competition and advantage in any marketplace. One of the hottest verticals of interest as of late is transportation. I'm ready to buy a Lit Motors car, which?we saw at Disrupt, and I've used Uber since it launched. One of the things that I experienced this past week was a ride in one of those pink-mustached Lyft cars. In case you haven't heard, Lyft has a platform and service that allows regular vetted folks with a car become your personal driver. It sounds like Uber, but up until now, Uber has focused on sending you a professional driver in a fancy town car. It's awesome, but hear me out on some things.


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